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Microsoft Office vs Open Office vs LibreOffice: Which one is better?

Microsoft Office remains a potent platform among the workplace suits, however, with the rise of free alternative office suites like LibreOffice along with Apache’s OpenOffice into Microsoft Office, the question arises in case you need to switch from Microsoft Office to the open source Office suites. Both the Microsoft Office and Open source Office matches have their advantages and disadvantages, and among the biggest decision you may need to confront would be to pick among them.

Are you planning to upgrade in the old Office suite or searching to get a changeover to new Office suites? Well, picking between a commercially Certified Microsoft Office suite and an open-source platform such as LibreOffice or an OpenOffice only depends on how it matches your needs.

Microsoft Customer Service Number

Commercial Productivity Suite versus Open Source Productivity Suite

Commercial Softwares is developed with a for-profit corporation which requires funding to keep the company operating. The commercial software like the Microsoft Office package, in this situation, needs you to buy a permit rather than Open source software that’s developed by a dedicated set of developer, with the major motto for helping the community and is available for free or nearly fewer costs to keep the business operating.

Because it doesn’t possess some licenses tagged for this, you can have multiple suits installed on your various devices. However, Microsoft helpline number will help to reslove your issues of Microsoft Office package, on the other hand, requires you to purchase a software license whose cost depends upon the edition. Unlike LibreOffice or OpenOffice, Microsoft Office suite doesn’t offer the flexibility of installing a number of copies of Office suits on various apparatus for free since you want to purchase a licensed copy and install it on a particular number of devices depending on the copies of licenses you have purchased.

Microsoft Office vs Open Office 3

One feature that produces Microsoft Office suite stand out is that it has an fantastic cross-platform collaboration which lets you save documents on the cloud which could be edited and opened anywhere you want. To the contrary, the Open Source office suite has certain cloud limits and may allow you just to view files.

OpenOffice vs LibreOffice

A short about Open source instrument, equally LibreOffice and OpenOffice being based on exactly the identical source code, you may not discover any differences in the characteristics between both of these tools. The LibreOffice and Open Office share virtually similar attributes. It offers tools like the word processor, spreadsheets and slide presentation that are equal to both the platforms. But, LibreOffice is popular than OpenOffice for its extra features and is quicker than the Open Office suites.

That said, picking the finest Office suites one of the 3 platforms is an overwhelming task, and you might have to consider many factors before you select one for your organization. Within this guide, we’ll have a closer look at the 3 Office suites and help you decide which among the productivity platform fits best for the organizations.

Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice vs LibreOffice


Microsoft Office suite includes a tab-based interface with the ribbon toolbar as opposed to Open Source Office suites which have the standard style interface. When it comes to spelling and grammar checking, Microsoft Customer care phone number is always there to help you out for Office package includes an inbuilt spell check instrument whereas open source office suites such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice want you to put in an additional extension for spelling and grammar check. The Libre Office and Open Office have comparable productivity resources with the identical tool names.Microsoft Customer Service Number

The Office suites include tools like Calc used as spreadsheet software, Impress used as presentation applications, and Writer used as word processing software. In Addition, It has tools such as Draw, Math, and Base. Microsoft Office package, on the other hand, has comparable tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Access equivalent and Mathematical formulation computer software.

System Requirements and Compatibility

Each of three Office suites work on the majority of the systems. Microsoft Office functions on all devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.. On the other hand, LibreOffice and OpenOffice work well with Linux, Linux, Windows, and Mac. The Open source office suites are ideal if your using older systems as it does not require much hard disk drive compared to Microsoft Office that demands a minimum of 3GB of all hard-disk space .

All three Office suites operate on the majority of the systems. On the other hand, LibreOffice and OpenOffice work well with Linux, Linux, Windows, and Mac. The Open source office suites will be ideal if your using old systems as it does not need much hard disk drive compared to Microsoft technical support phone number Office that requires a minimal of 3GB of all hard-disk space.

Contrary to Microsoft Office Suite, both LibreOffice and OpenOffice are liberated that contains an entire package of the word processor, spreadsheets, database and presentations programs.

All three office suites are almost fastened to a certain degree if you follow the normal security instructions. The Libre Office and Open Office suites being open source platform are released together with all the patches and updates by volunteers without any consent in the event of security difficulties. On the other hand, Microsoft customer service number helps you to Office retains their code secret to protect against hackers. Upgrades to this newest version in Microsoft Office aren’t always free although a number of the smaller updates price nothing.


All three Office suites provide a solid platform supporting the Office productivity resources. One of the key things that assist with picking software is the cost of licensing the software. If price is not a limitation subsequently, Microsoft Office or Office 365 wins hands down. But, Open Source Office suites such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice are impressive than Microsoft Office suites if you’re trying to find a fantastic value for money — since they are free.

However, it isn’t worth the time for a comprehensive changeover if the budget for licensing isn’t an issue of concern and if you’re happy with the current package attributes. On the flip side, Microsoft Office constantly continues to play a good platform and offers robust features compared to open source Office suites. Microsoft Office is certainly an perfect choice if your organization utilizes a platform that fits nicely with the Microsoft based technology.

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