Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number

Microsoft account problem, We need you to fix your Microsoft account

When you move on to sign-in with your Microsoft account, Windows 10, sometimes throws an error message reading — Microsoft accounts issue, We want you to fix your Microsoft accounts onto Windows. There appears to be no particular reason why it occurs bit if you are looking for a workaround for this issue, keep reading further.

Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number helps you for Microsoft account problem, We need you to mend your Microsoft account
You can do the following points to resolve your issue:

Choose Password over PIN to register in
Turn off Shared experiences
Run Microsoft Account Troubleshooter
Disable Action Center notifications

1] Pick Password over PIN to sign in

Windows 10 offers its users options — use a PIN to secure their operating system, but many users prefer using a PIN. It’s simple as well as convenient to keep in mind, compared to a long password. But a few users report that there is a problem with a PINMicrosoft Technical Support Phone Numberwhich causes the above error message to look. Just replacing the PIN using the normal password is proven to fix this issue through Microsoft helpline number. To learn more on that, you are able to refer our previous article — Windows 10 Sign in choices .

2] Turn off Shared experiences

By default, Shared encounters feature is enabled in Windows 10, along with your device will be configured to either discuss or get from your own devices only. By disabling it, many consumers could repair the matter.

Then, choose System and scroll right down to Shared Experiences. Here you’ll find a change that allows you toggle that the Share across devices feature to the On or AwayMicrosoft Technical Support Phone Number

place. Switch this feature off by simply toggling the switch to the Off position. See if the issue is solved by Microsoft customer service support number experts.

There are several other things you could do:

You can take help of Microsoft customer care number to run Microsoft Account Troubleshooter and see if that works for you.
Log out and log in with your Local Account password or your Microsoft Account password again.
If you aren’t using a Microsoft Account to sign in, make a single, use it and watch.
You can disable Action Center notifications. However, this is not a solution as such. You’re only hiding the popup notification.Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number
You could also Verify your identity with this particular PC. In case you have allowed two-step verification in an email accounts, there’s a higher prospect of getting such an error on a Windows 10 personal computer.
To confirm your identity open Preferences > Accounts. Under Your Info, you will observe a Confirm your individuality on this PC connection. Click Confirm and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll need to input either your Email ID or Phone number to receive a code. This email ID and phone number must be exactly the same which you entered while making the Outlook or Hotmail account.

Hopefully, something ought to resolve the issue!


Phone:   +1-800-201-4243


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