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How to convert Microsoft Office files to Google Docs

The two Microsoft Office along with Google Docs are commonly used software for producing spreadsheets and files. Both the software has its own pros and cons, and the choice between the two software is chiefly depended upon your sort of work and utilization. Microsoft support phone number helps in Microsoft Office documents like Word and Excel sheets are commonly used because of its strong formatting tools and advanced formatting attributes that are quintessential to produce professional documents.

While the Microsoft Office requires you to be an Office 365 subscriber, Google Docs along with Google Sheets, on the other hand, are available to use for totally free of cost. Although the term processing ability of Google docs isn’t feature-rich like Microsoft helpline number resolves your problems in Microsoft Office, Google Docs is great when it comes to availability which supplies you with the capability to edit files online, while you’re away from your desktop computer. Additionally, unlike Office files, Google docs can open any other file formats.

If you are looking out to export Microsoft Office documents into Google’s productivity suite, then you are in the right location.

The very advantage of Google Drive is the fact that it lets you upload any kind of files from the Google Docs. This is extremely useful when you’re using web-based Operating system that does not support Windows applications. In such a scenario, Google Drive can be used to open Office files like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Additionally, with the support of Google Drive, it is possible to edit Office files at a cloud and if required. In this article, we explain how to convert Microsoft technical support number experts will guide you for Office documents such as Microsoft Word in Google Docs, a PowerPoint demonstration in Google Slides and Excel files in Google Sheets.

Convert Microsoft Office files to Google Docs

There are three ways you can do this.

1] Open Google Drive and click New option on the left side of the page.



Choose File Upload from the drop-down menu.


Now choose record if you want to convert Microsoft Word to Google Docs or pick a spreadsheet to convert Microsoft Excel into Google spreadsheet or pick demonstration to convert PowerPoint to your slides.

Let the Microsoft document to upload to Google Drive.

Once the upload is complete, open the document to find a document preview.

From the preview window, then click Open With and choose Google file type from the drop-down menu to import Office document to Google suite.

Once the import is complete, you can edit the file and save it as either .xlsx or .docx or .pptx file format.

2] Open Google Drive and click on the Settings icon on the right side of the page.

Go to Google Drive and click New option on the left side the page.


Choose File Upload from the drop-down menu.

Now select office files you need to convert into Google Docs.

Pick the uploaded office files from the listing and click on Open.

Allow Google push to convert office files into Google file format. Notice that the driveway converts Microsoft Word into Google Docs, Microsft Excel to Google spreadsheet and transforms PowerPoint to Google Slides.

Now browse to My Drive. All the converted files will look under File.

3] when you’ve installed AODocs Smartbar expansion in Chrome browser to using AO Docs characteristics in Google Drive follow the aforementioned steps to convert Office files to Google files.


Opt for the Microsoft technical support for Microsoft file from the listing of documents that you wish to convert into Google files.

Click on More actions and click on Convert to Google Docs.

From the pop-up window, then choose the destination folder where you want to store files. You can either select My Drive or The current folder.

Select the option Delete the original file in case you don’t want to maintain a duplicate of the original file.

Click on Convert.

The Google drive will automatically store the converted documents at the destination folder.

Phone:         +1-800-201-4243


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